“The Trees Are Funny …”

We’re expecting moderate to severe storms here tonight (we’ve got everything from tornado warnings/watches to severe thunderstorm warnings/watches, and don’t forget the flood warnings/watches). I know that no one would wish for dangerous weather but… it slays me how excited the weathermen get when they’re able to break into broadcasts with updated weather alerts. This is their time to shine.


When I took Sam outside a few minutes ago, the trees were really swaying and my wind chimes were singing loudly. Moments like this, my mind goes back to things that freak me out, like “The Happening” (yes, the idea that the trees were getting back at us for our crimes against nature got to me. I admit it unabashedly.). Or that moment in “War of the Worlds” where Dakota Fanning says, “The trees are funny,” and you just know some bad shit is about to happen. I remember when I walked out of the theatre after seeing that, the wind was gusting, and watching the trees bend made me think of that scene. (I still do. Obviously since I’m posting about it here.)

Photo ©Paramount Pictures
Photo ©Paramount Pictures

This is one of the few things that I love about being me. I can see the same movie twenty times, and each time I notice something new, or find a new scene or quote to entertain myself. And in times of (possible) bad weather like this, I think of the above mentioned movies. I also think of “Twister” and that iconic moment when everyone is at the drive-in and the wind howls.

Have a safe night everyone. I’ll be curled up on the couch watching weather disaster movies and freaking myself out. 😉


Dusty: Jo, Bill, it’s coming! It’s headed right for us!
Bill: It’s already here!


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