The Bitching Duck

I’m feeling really sick today; fever, nausea, the whole nine yards.  So to cheer myself up– and hopefully you as well — here’s a photo taken from my would-be garden last week.  I only planted the wildflower seeds a few weeks ago; I’m still waiting for them to grow, but it’s exciting to see all that green in what was once a barren space.

The pinwheel is blurry because it was blowing in the wind, and also because I was laughing at the duck parked in my greenery.  As you can tell, it was bitching at me.  So being the adult that I am, I started bitching back.  It was a fun moment, until I realized one of my neighbors was staring at me as if I’d lost my mind.  And then it was even funnier and I ended up falling out of my chair.  (I never said I was graceful, lol.  ;))


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