Well.  Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy.  And I almost deleted it because afterward, I felt scared and vulnerable.  I was afraid of how harshly I would be judged for my weakness.  Instead, I found support and hope and that meant more than I can say!

I’ll be doing my Six Word Saturday later on; right now I have to go to the grocery store (which is often a nightmare for me, sigh), clean the apartment, take Sam out, clean Lucy’s litter box, make lunch, get gas, and probably a dozen other things I’ve forgotten.  But don’t worry — I have a list.  🙂   I’m not the most organized person, but one of the few Virgo traits I have is that I love to make lists.  And I make lists of other lists.  I find it soothing.

Be back later.  Have a great Saturday and know that I appreciate all of you!




3 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Glad you’re feeling better:) And remember: NEVER MAKE LONG TERM DECISIONS BASED ON SHORT TERM FEELINGS/EMOTIONS. Things ALWAYS change, even when we think they won’t…they do:)


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