World War Z

Mother nature is a serial killer.

I actually love that quote.  I decided today was going to be a fun day, so Mom and I went and saw “World War Z.”  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about “fast” zombies (I’m not a purist, but I still found the thought disturbing), mainly because I thought it would freak me out even more, and sure enough — it did.  One of the things I’ve always thought when I think of a zombie apocalypse (and yes, I do consider it, lol) is that at least we stand a chance because they tend to be slow and thoughtless.  With the zombies being able to keep up with the humans, it took that feeling of comfort away.  And the noises they made also freaked me the hell out.  It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, and it wasn’t even close to being the worst.  I enjoyed it for what it is:  a popcorn flick; an escape.  It was funny that Mom was willing to go see it, since she doesn’t believe in anything paranormal, extraterrestrial, supernatural or that goes bump in the night.  (I won’t even get into the arguments we’ve had after seeing movies like “Contact” or “28 Days Later”.)  Then again, she does watch “The Walking Dead” now.  😉  I love horror movies, because I like to be scared.  She’ll watch horror flicks with me and while I scream, she laughs.  And I’m okay with that, because one of the few things that I like about myself is that when I watch a movie, I don’t just watch it.  I experience it.  I lose myself in it.

Crazy as I will probably sound for saying this, I believe a zombie-like state could happen to humanity.  Maybe not the movie kind, but all it would take is a virus; something that would bare us down to our primitive instincts.  I don’t have a bunker or a backpack prepared so I can bug out, but I do wonder what that world would look like and how we would survive.  Then again, I don’t think we need a virus to strip us of our humanity.  I already see that happening now in many ways.

Anyway.  Today was a good day and I’m hoping as I drift off to sleep, I’ll dream about zombies.  The slow kind.  😉

sweet dreams all!


5 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. beautycalyptique

    I hear you. I keep my y2k-bug kit updated, just in case.

    on a more serious note: I’m relieved to see that other people actually *spot* unhealthy, unhuman trends in today’s society, too, that zombie-esque feeling creeping through our everyday routine.


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