Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

This is a bit late because I had a hard time with this challenge; there were a lot of things that came to mind.  What I finally decided on was my first time at Girl Scout Camp.   These humid summer nights remind me of my time at Camp Ken-Jockety.  We would go to the bathroom in the dark with only flashlights, we had campfires complete with singing and ghost stories (my favorite!); we went swimming and I made a lot of friends.  The beginning of camp was rough for me because my father was threatening my mother at the time, and I kept thinking I had to be at home to protect her, so I was really homesick.  That’s why one of the camp counselors has a blue “H” on her forehead.  When I got home, I was so mad at her I wrote on her face and colored her lips blue, lol.  She was (I thought) very tough on me — I was so scared and she basically told me to get over it.  By the third day, I mostly had, but I never forgot the way she treated me.

And yet, if I could go back, even with her as a counselor … I would go in a heartbeat.  I wish I could go back.   It was a great experience and sometimes when I sit outside at night and listen to the crickets or smell wood burning, I remember my experience there.

So for the nostalgia theme, I present my official camp photo from August 1981; it was taken the last day we were there.  I’m the girl in the first row, fourth from the right — the one squinting, wearing a Mickey Mouse tank top and a goofy grin.   The handwriting is my Mom’s.  🙂

now I remember … I *was* young once.

And here is a little “clipping” I found:


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

  1. Forest So Green

    I went to camp once and I thought all the counselors were mean, ha, ha, but I loved everything we did at camp. It was great fun 🙂


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  3. Hello Lauren,

    I hope you’re fine. Good one to illustrate the nostalgia indeed. Well in the picture your smile is open and you looked happy. I’ve also been in such a camp but can’t remember anything except the early morning, I think it was boring for me.

    Happy saturday to you



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