Shining Through

the view looking up through the leaves of my favorite tree.
I am a child again, sitting under the tree looking at the sky through the leaves.

inspired by Wordless Wednesday

8 thoughts on “Shining Through

    1. Lauren

      thank you so much! I used to spend a lot of time under trees as a kid, and I always loved the shadows and light. I’m happy you saw what I see. 🙂


  1. I feel like I am laying on my back just looking up and seeing this image. I can smell the grass and hear kids playing in the distance…but for me there is peace under these trees.


    1. Lauren

      that is such a compliment, thank you! it’s exactly how I felt. during the day, my neighborhood is quiet except for the birds and ducks, and it’s just really peaceful. I close my eyes and open them and let the sunspots blind me. 🙂


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