Candid Cat


Since I don’t have a smartphone, I’m using a photo taken with my iPad.  And I hope this will still count, especially since I didn’t take the photo … Lucy did.

One day I had the camera running on the iPad, and Lucy was playing with me,  jumping all around and being her usual curious self.  When she saw herself on the screen, she was mesmerized, and decided to bat at the iPad, hitting the photo button.  The result?  This candid photo that Lucy took of herself.  I knew my little girl was smart.  😉

Lucy, the cat photographer.
Lucy, the cat photographer.

I just have to say:  I love her so much, and I am unbelievably grateful she adopted me.

7 thoughts on “Candid Cat

    1. Lauren

      she usually is really sweet, until night falls, and then she becomes psycho cat. not aggressive, just hyped up. she makes me laugh though. 😉


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