6WS : 7/27/13

I ache for what never was.

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13 thoughts on “6WS : 7/27/13

    1. Lauren

      I hear the wisdom in that, and I agree objectively … but sometimes it’s hard to live that, because the scars are too deep. when a parent doesn’t love you, it leaves a hole that’s difficult to fill. (for me it is, anyway.)


    1. Lauren

      true, true … and of course, what you (meaning me, lol) make up is most likely so much better than the reality ever would have/could have been. it’s easy to idealize, and hard to accept.


  1. Beautiful, sad words. I read above what you said about the lack of love from parents. Yes, it’s a definite void.

    Thank you for sharing your six words on my site this past weekend.


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