6WS : 8/3/13

I’m thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

(more to come on this later.  ;))

besides water and root beer, this is all I have in my fridge right now.
besides water and root beer, this is all I have in my fridge right now as I prepare to make the transition.

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15 thoughts on “6WS : 8/3/13

  1. I’ve contemplated vegetarianism for quite some time….but until I can figure out this relationship thing, I need to be able to eat a turkey burger with the works every now and then. Don’t judge me….everyone’s got a weakness 😉 Please keep us posted about the transition. Who knows? You might just tip my decisional balance towards celery! Happy 6WS!


    1. Lauren

      LOL! no judgment here. ; ) it’s easy for me to be excited now, as I’m in the planning stage. It will be very interesting to see what happens the first time I have a craving for Five Guys….


  2. That looks like a delicious selection of fruit! …and radishes?? They are cool, full of zinc which combats depression. I bought a whole tray of ’em on shopping day this week. Where are all your veges? 😉
    Do you still do eggs, fish, chicken, cheese? Or is it all beans, peas. lentils, nuts, seeds, tofu, mushrooms?
    All the best on your adventure – it really opened my eyes when I tried out vegetarianism. I found that I definitely survive better with meat. Have you tried molasses for lots of minerals, including iron…? Yummy.


    1. Lauren

      I took this just after I had cleaned the fridge out and I haven’t replenished it yet. 🙂 Veggies are going to be kind of a problem for me, because there are a lot of them I don’t like, but I’ll be able to muddle through … yesterday was the first time I’d had a radish, lol. Tomorrow (Monday) will be my first day, but my intention is to still do dairy but the rest is out the window. I’ve never had molasses but I’ll add that to my list of things to try, thank you! ❤


      1. Mmmm a fruitarian plus milk diet, sounds like a smoothie! I bet it ends up being a real cleansing diet for the time that you are on it. 🙂 Have fun!

        (PS – if you ever want some ideas for veges, yell out… there’s all sorts of different ways to prepare them that seem to affect the flavour 🙂


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