The Vet Was Visited …

… and Sam has some major teeth issues.  The vet thinks there are two or three teeth that need to be extracted, maybe more.  When I first adopted Sam, the shelter wouldn’t let me take him home until they had extracted his front teeth, so I’ve tried to keep up with his oral hygiene knowing he’d already had problems.  But I guess I didn’t do a good enough job.  The estimate she gave me to have this done is anywhere from $400 up, and I have no idea how I’m going to afford this.  I feel so guilty.  I want Sam to have everything he needs and I don’t know when (if?)  I’ll be able to get this done.

Aside from that, the vet said he has arthritis,  but that’s pretty normal in a senior dog (when did he become a senior?!).  I bought him some joint supplements and we’re going to see about pain medication.  He’s also being put on Prozac for his extreme anxiety (assuming his senior blood panel comes back normal.)   Now he and I can take our Prozac together in the morning.  He really is my kid.

So he had bloodwork, prescriptions for Prozac and Xanax, a heartworm test, six months of sentinel pills and a fecal specimen.  All totaled, this visit was … wait for it … $341.  I almost fainted but what else can I do?  If there are things I can do to help him, I will.  He deserves that.

I’d say the visit was a success (unless the bloodwork comes back abnormal, but I’m not going there).  She said he’s doing really well for a dog his size and age and that was comforting.  This was Sam’s first time seeing this vet and she really impressed me with how kind she was with him.  Hell, I wish I could see a veterinarian.  Most of them prefer animals to people so you know they’re smart.  ; )



One thought on “The Vet Was Visited …

  1. When things get really rough at work, and the meanness rises to an intolerable level, I always say “People suck. I’m going to go get a job at the vet…in the back…where even the parents can’t come in!”

    You’re such a good puppy mom. It sounds like you and Sam are lucky to have each other. What kind of dog is he? I have big dos too – yellow labs. they too are crossing the threshold of AARP, but boy are the loving and huggable 🙂


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