This Pizza Tastes Like Failure

I had promised myself when I woke up that today would be a healthy eating day.  I had even considered doing a fast to try to cleanse myself of all the shit I’ve been eating.

Instead, I just ate … (gods, I am so ashamed but I’m going to post it anyway because I deserve to be humiliated  I’m trying to be honest in my life) … 6 slices of pizza.  It tasted like ooey-gooey cheese …

and utter failure.


4 thoughts on “This Pizza Tastes Like Failure

  1. Manic Cotton Candy

    Pizza is my binge/cheat/safe food too. So good and so awful at the same time. Don’t worry just try harder tomorrow.


    1. thank you! “So good and so awful” is exactly right … the excitement I feel before I eat it goes away afterward when I realize what I’ve done … again. but tomorrow is a new day. thanks for the comment!


    1. thank you so much, RisingSong … both for commenting and for understanding that sometimes “I’m sorry” is all you can say/do when someone fucks up. *hugs*


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