I had a panic attack at my ophthalmologist’s office this morning.  I had myself convinced I was going to have retinal damage from the diabetes and even when he said everything was normal, I didn’t believe him and panicked.  Some of the staff looked at me with pity, and some looked at me like I was wielding a knife and practically ran.

I know this happened partially because I’ve been awake for over 24 hours now, and I’m more vulnerable to mood shifts and panic, but it was fucking embarrassing.  I don’t know how I’ll face him again.

Time for a klonopin.



One thought on “6.23.14

  1. I’m sorry you went through this, and I’m sorry about the staff’s reaction. I hope your ophthalmologist is professional and educated enough to understand that these things happen to some people…and it’s not their fault.


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