It’s Here, It’s Here!

So previously I mentioned that I had kind of … commandeered … my mom’s shopping card and bought myself a new camera to replace the one I sold.  I did ‘fess up to Mom, reminding her she’s always told me it’s better if I come clean.  After a very tense hour or so, we worked it out, and everything is a-okay.  And she decided to let me keep the camera (which arrived yesterday) because she said she knows it’s important to me and my recovery.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have her as a mother; not because she let me keep the camera (although I am ecstatic about that!) but because once again I screwed up and she didn’t write me off.  After everything we’ve been through, she would have every right to give up, and she never has.

Anyway . . .  I took photos of the new camera with my cellphone, which is a piece of junk, so don’t expect great things.  and then the last photo is my first picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy.  It isn’t great either, but I wanted to use the shutter right away.  Patience might be a virtue, but it’s one I’ve never had.

Happy Thursday!!  =)

newcam1 newcam2 newcam3

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