Grassy Web


if you look at this one close-up, you can see the sparkle in the web from the morning dew.

• • • •

{enjoy the silence at Wordless Wednesday}

• • • •

p.s.  I know this is supposed to be wordless, but when I took Sam outside that morning and saw these spiderwebs all over the grass (there were at least five), I thought it was the beginning of “The Mist” or something, lol.  Luckily this past summer I’ve made great progress in learning to live with spiders and bees.

13 thoughts on “Grassy Web

    1. I’ve always loved the webs, just not the spiders themselves, lol. but they outnumber me here so I’m my plan is to just admire their creations and try not to tick them off. 😉 have a great day!


  1. I’m making progress with spiders …. but bees/wasps? My instincts still kick in and I run screaming. What’s your secret?

    Great photo — the detail is stunning!


    1. Bees have been a HUGE problem for me because I was stung on my tongue when I was 3. a bee flew into my mouth and got stuck in the peanut butter on my tongue and as you can imagine, all of that left an impression, lol. I used to run screaming if I got a glimpse, but I’ve been telling myself we need them to survive, so I have to deal. I actually had one land on my arm a few days ago and I just stood still. progress. =)

      thank you so much for the compliment, Cindi, it means a lot coming from you. I wish I’d captured the webs even better, because they really were beautiful. xo


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