4 thoughts on “Rainy View

  1. I also love rainy days. We don’t get many in London. I’m from Glasgow in Scotland, where sometimes it can rain for days. Apparently it is the rainiest city in the UK with an average 170 days per year of rainfall. That’s half a miserable year


  2. It’s so odd that you say you don’t get many rainy days in London, because of course here in the states the joke is that it rains there every day. I’ve always wanted to see/visit Glasgow; some of my ancestors are Scottish and I’d like to experience some of my roots. I’m so happy to receive your comment, Cat, thank you. ♥


    1. Hi Alex,

      it hasn’t been raining as much lately 😦 but we do get rain quite often, and have a lot of cloudy days. I prefer cloudy/rainy days so I wish we had more of them. ;D


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