Midterm Madness

edit 11:35 pm :  It’s official: The Republicans now have control of the Senate, as well as picking up even more seats in the House.

*muttering* Serenity now.  (insanity later.)

• • • •

Today was the midterm elections and I’m bracing for the worst — but I have to admit I’m nursing a teeny, tiny shred of hope.  It’s like when I was in school, and I would tell myself I knew I failed a test — even though deep down I thought I did well.  I’m telling myself to prepare for a Republican-led Senate, but deep, deep down I’m hoping the Democrats somehow retain control.  I mentioned all this to my mom and she said, “Keep dreaming, kid.”  Yeah.  I know.

Let me make something clear:  Although my ideals and principles are more in-line with the Democrats, I don’t blindly vote the party line.  I’m a Progressive who votes candidate by candidate, issue by issue.  I  make up my own mind and I think both parties are broken, and extremism on either side is a danger.  Having said that, the right-wing fringe groups scare the hell out of me and I don’t want them to have any more power than they already do.  A seat lost by the Democrats could be one step closer to hearing the words “Senate Majority Leader Ted Cruz.”  No, thank you.

The icing on the cake?  These candidates and their supporters spent about 4 billion dollars on an effing election.  WTF.  How many people could have been helped by that money instead of spending it on commercials about pig castration and skeet shooting?!!

So tonight I’ll drink a lot of coffee (flavored, because I can’t tolerate straight black ;)) and bite my nails to the quick.  And it probably won’t even be completely decided tonight since some of the races are so close there will most likely be run-offs (i.e. GA & LA).  We might not know anything for certain until January.  Good luck to us all.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Midterm Madness

  1. “Good luck” to us all is so right. I join you in muttering.

    I also join you in wondering how in the world 4 billion can be spent on something like this. THAT COULD DO SO MUCH GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY.


    1. isn’t it sickening?!? I started screaming at the television when I heard that because I was so infuriated. Campaign spending — spending in all politics actually — is completely out of control and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. All I could think was how many meals that could have bought, or how many more homeless could have found shelter, etc. it’s obscene and the system makes me feel so powerless. even when I vote, I feel like my voice isn’t being heard. (but I still vote and I will continue to try.)


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