I Need Your Help

I’m working hard to improve my site (that explains the constant theme changes, lol) and a large part of that is, of course, improving me and my delivery.  I’ve been reading WordPress’ articles and came across one focusing on the “About” page.  What I am asking from all of you is honesty, critique, thoughts, suggestions, ideas for improvement, what you like and don’t like on my page About the Girl.  In that article they talked about a shopping list vs a meal — in other words, a list of ingredients versus a real description of the food — and I felt this knot in my stomach because I wonder if that’s what I’ve done.  I’m wondering if my about page expresses me in a way that is fragmented, or not pertinent, or even *gulp* boring.  I want to get better, because this blog means a lot to me, and I could really use your help.  I’m nervous scared putting this out there, but I want you to  feel free to express your thoughts, positive or negative; the one caveat I put on comments is please don’t feel the need to be brutal.  There are nice ways to tell me I suck, lol.

I appreciate anyone who does this, and even if you don’t I appreciate you reading this.  Thank you!


p.s. thank you for all of the comments!  I’m way behind but I will be responding to them all.  I appreciate all of the support I’ve received and I want to make sure that it goes both ways.  ♥

8 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Aaron

    I am not a blogger nor much of a blog-reader, and I don’t know what ‘is’ or ‘should be’ for such. That said, I’ve always (and repeatedly [sometimes seems to change =)]) read “About the Girl” as honest and intriguing – your recent “Who? What? Why?” certainly complements the picture puzzle – perhaps perfectly imperfect (and forever evolving) like the girl herself.

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    1. you’ve left me speechless again, or as close to it as I ever get. 😀 it does change a lot, lol, but you’re right — it’s me evolving, which is not a bad thing. thank you, Aaron. *hugs*


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