6WS : Something I Said You Wouldn’t See

In my post Who? What? Why? I said I don’t appear in photos, and this is usually true. But my Mom decided this occasion was “too cute” and snapped the shot while we three were in dreamland.  I’m the human with the hair reaching for the ceiling, lol.  Side note:  The handwriting on the “Polaroid” belongs to moi.  I wrote my words on a white piece of paper with my favorite pink Sharpie (I’m obsessed with Sharpies) then scanned it in so I could make this more personal.  I know you’ve been dying to see my handwriting.  You’re welcome.  *eye roll*

I debated whether to share this photo, but my love for this moment overwhelmed my usual reticence.  It’s so comforting when I sleep and I’m protected on both sides by my furkids.  They make me feel safe. And loved.

Have a great Saturday everyone!  🐱


Six Words Can Say a Lot:  Show My Face 6WS

14 thoughts on “6WS : Something I Said You Wouldn’t See

  1. That’s an absolutely great picture. Your friends look ready to protect you from The Giant Marshmallow Man, and I would pay the last few coins in my pocket just to know what everybody was dreaming about. Lol.


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