Can you smell my apple + cinnamon spice candle?  It’s filling the room with warmth and soothing my frenzied mind.  Candles are an obsession of mine; I have to buy at least one a week.  And I like to create my own scents by burning different candles at the same time.  Sometimes the results smell so good and sometimes … not.  ;D  I also have a pretty serious stash of incense.

Do you have a favorite candle or incense scent?



12 thoughts on “Flame

    1. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am surprised at how popular this scent is. sometimes I burn this candle scent with my “campfire” incense and, even in the middle of winter, it smells like autumn. 🙂

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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    That candle flame is your inner light, your Atman. I knew a woman who suffered equally as bad as you and I said, what would happen if you lit a candle and thought about the flame…. It helped. You are recovering from serious issues but your inner light will guide you…

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    1. I do believe that, about my inner light. After the attempts, and all the dark thoughts, if I didn’t still have a spark I wouldn’t still be here. it just gets dimmed, I think. I often find myself just gazing into the flames and I never thought of it as you described it before but I should have. I always say “I can’t do mindfulness” but obviously, I can. it’s just a matter of finding the right vehicle for my full attention.

      I say this too much but you are very wise. I appreciate all of the effort you’ve spent on me. 🙂

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