Water Squiggles in the Sky

It was raining really hard earlier this week when I was running errands, and as usual, I got stopped at a red light.  (God I hate using the brakes, lol.)  When I saw what the rain was doing to the power lines through the windshield, I decided to snap a couple photos using my cell and this was the best one.  My favorite thing is not only the distortion — which looks to me like waves crashing through the sky — but the way the power lines seem as if they’re bent/broken.

I would start tagging all of these “red light photos,” but I’m afraid what kind of searches that would invite…  😉
(Remember Roxanne — you don’t have to put on the red light!  I still love you, Sting. ♥)



9 thoughts on “Water Squiggles in the Sky

      1. Aaron

        As I read this, I must have been transported with you‽‽‽ First, a thank-you — perhaps the complete change-of-life I desperately need — where do we go from here? Second, you must be some sort of [you don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right] witch — hoping the [I loved you since I knew you] ‘good’ kind =)

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    1. ohhh, very clever what you did there. unfortunately for you, I don’t know yet which witch I am. I could go either way. *bwahahaha*

      And where do we go from here? Hmm. I think you should decide that, since I’m the one that dragged you along. But damn, isn’t it wonderful to think about how our lives could change? With the new year coming up, I’m thinking about that a lot. What I want and what I don’t, want vs need …. Anyway. I keep meaning to ask you — do you have a blog or something? Some way I could learn more about *you*? You know oodles about me while you remain a mystery. Contact me privately if you want to. ♥


      1. Aaron

        What dreams may come =) Email me whatever you would like to know, or, at least, questions to start — I am not that interesting nor much experienced in interaction/communication — so nope to the blog — a running dialogue in my head.


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