Skywatch Friday : Crisscrossed Sky

I’m heartbroken.  I posted this last week and I somehow deleted the original tonight when I was trying to organize (that’s what I get).   I know that art is supposed to be for art’s own sake, but I’m insecure, so I’m asking if anyone who had liked this post before would please like it again.  It would mean a lot to me!  I thank you either way.  🙂

the Virgo that sucks at organization


• • • •  See skies from around the world at Skywatch Friday • • • •

6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday : Crisscrossed Sky

  1. Hi dear Lauren ! I hadn’t seen the previous one,but anyway,I am mesmerised by the beauty of this cloudscape my friend ! Lovely pinkish tonalities nicely moderating the darkish tree silhouettes and creating the mood ! Hope you get all your lost ” Likes ” & comments back.
    All the very best to you , Doda 🙂 ❤


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