Snow, Snow, Come This Way

One of the things that upset me about Christmas this year was no snow.   I’m in Ohio, in December, and on Christmas Day we had the window open!  (Granted, I was cold but Mom wasn’t and since she has seniority … well, you know how that goes.)

So to cheer myself up, I’m posting a few photos from the only day we have had snow so far, November 17th.  Sigh.

Sam is wearing the latest fashion accessory: snowflakes.
Sam is wearing the latest fashion accessory: snowflakes.
My favorite bush. I planted this in 2013 and it survived! Go me! 🙂


If I try really, really, REALLY hard, I can pretend I’m in the Pacific Northwest instead of Ohio.   (okay. not really.)


14 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Come This Way

    1. since I live in an apartment, I don’t have to shovel so I’m lucky that way (neener neener, lol). I have to watch Sam with it though, just like you, because he has a bad habit of eating random things. he’s a little nuts. 🙂 thank you for your compliment about my eldest!

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      1. I couldn’t live anywhere else. It was white and frosty this morning, but temps are back up to 8c, so no chance of snow just yet. Early new year is usually the time for bad weather, although, I don’t necessarily see it as “bad”. Happy New Year, Lauren

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