Fresh Air and Forgotten Dreams

The air tonight is crisp and smells of burning wood, like campfires and incense. I yearn to be in the forest somewhere; wild and free. I want to be in the cabin I dream about, away from everyone and everything except nature and my true self. The self that used to care more about saving the planet than getting a new iPad. How did I stray so far from the girl who was going to make a difference? When did I become so materialistic?

There has to be a way back to that girl. I know she still exists inside of me. I feel her when I’m under starry skies or watching the sun dance through the trees. I remember her passion and certainty that things could get better if only she dared to try. That girl would be beyond disappointed in who she grew up to be.

I’ve lost my way. But there’s still time to find my way back.

Tonight: I am grateful for fresh air and the idea that it’s never too late.


♫ Mark Snow — Disturbing Behavior OST

{*originally posted May 19, 2013*}

10 thoughts on “Fresh Air and Forgotten Dreams

  1. KB Brown

    The ultimate battle is to return to our original natures. Whether we consider it awakening a la Buddha or whether we term it sinless, there is always the desire to see things as they are without our perceptions or our drama. You phrase this very elegantly.

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  2. I don’t think I could count the number of times I have strayed from who I’ve wanted to be, but somehow, every time without fail, I always seem to find my way back. And it’s my guess that you will also. Detours are just that, interesting side roads that we walk on for a while, before coming back to the main path. Have a great 2015.

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    1. This comment means a lot, because I’ve read about some of your travels (or should I say travails?) and you seem to be so grounded. I admire that so much — I want that — so I will listen to you and trust you when you say it can still work out. Happy New Year!!! =)

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  3. I think we all lose our way; at one point or another, we realize we’ve become the person we least expected to become. There is a way back, though, achieved in small steps and little changes made.

    Happy new year, hon.

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    1. I’ve promised myself that this year, itty bitty teeny tiny baby steps are just fine. We’ll see how I do with that. *snort* Happy New Year to you too, hon. I hope it’s amazing for you!!!! ♥

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      1. You’re welcome…. it is so very true. It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves when our MH is in the pits. Hope you’re feeling a little better


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