{6WS} 1.17.15

When darkness falls, you haunt me.

photo credit: ? found via Google images
photo credit: ? found via Google images

(I’m sorry I’m so behind on comments and reading everyone’s blogs.  I’ll try to catch up, I promise.)

Six Words Can Say a Lot:  Show My Face 6WS

16 thoughts on “{6WS} 1.17.15

    1. thank you so much, David. Oh I wanted to say that I finally found the comment you had left about nominating me — I can’t find the exact post it was on so I’m commenting here. I can’t tell you how humbled and appreciative I am, but I’m so overwhelmed right now I don’t think I can participate. I hope you won’t be mad, but if you are, I understand. big hugs!!!

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      1. I’m just as bad as you are for answering my mail I guess, because I just found this one seven and a half hours after you sent it. Sorry about that. No problem at all. If I had known you were having a quiet time, I wouldn’t have bothered you with it in the first place…my bad. And how could I ever be upset about anyone turning down a nomination for an award when I’ve turned down 6 of them in the last 2 months. I totally understand. So just take your time, and when you’re feeling ready, we’re all here. Peace, love, joy, happiness, and all that good stuff….like chocolate ice cream. 🙂


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