Skywatch Friday : Forever X (-Files)


When I saw the moon lighting up these chemtrails Wednesday night, it immediately reminded me of “The X-Files” symbol and I had to shoot it. Mulder is still one of my all-time crushes (aliens and porn, oh my!! :*) and I can’t wait until Fox runs the six-ep limited series. I think I might cry.

Anyway, comments and thoughts (on my photograph or anything else, lol) are always welcome.  (I’d suggest enlarging it to get the full detail. =))


***  See skies from around the world! Skywatch Friday ***

13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday : Forever X (-Files)

  1. What a cool shot! Soooo X Files. I really miss that show…back when there was no such thing as DVR. You just made sure you had nothing else to do on Sunday night other than sit in front of the TV and inhale X Files.

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    1. Just think if they could do X-Files now on amazon or Netflix …. we could hear curse words, maybe watch Mulder watch p*rn, lol. Sunday nights (and when it was on Friday nights) I absolutely worked my schedule around when X-Files was on. Now I can watch it anytime my heart desires…. Bliss!! 🙂 much love to you, RisingSong. ♥♥


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