The Player and The Played : Introduction

Recently I found myself unwittingly and unwillingly embroiled in an online “love” triangle.  I’ve been silent, but now I really feel the need to talk about what happened because I got fucked over pretty hard — and not in the good way.  I was basically used and played for a fool and the two who dragged me into their lovers’ spat take no responsibility for the fact I got hurt.  So over the next week or so I’m going to break this up into smaller parts; it’s a long story (then again every story is long when told by me, lol).

*The “players”: Dick and Catty.

I, of course, am “the played.”

~~~~ ** ~~~~

It started in December.  One night I was reading tweets from others who have borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder and I commented on Catty’s timeline.  One of her followers, Dick, replied to my tweet to her asking about the side effects of meds.  I replied and Dick and I exchanged a few tweets.  The next day, I received a direct message from Catty “warning” me about Dick and the fact that he doesn’t honor boundaries, had basically told her he loved her within a week, and that he had a problem talking to numerous women.  I assured her I had no designs on him (and I didn’t) and I thought everything was peachy-keen.  That night, Dick unfollowed me.  Later I told Catty that she obviously had nothing to worry about  because he had unfollowed me and she said he was probably just going through a phase and not to worry about it.  I said I wasn’t, it just seemed odd, but I let it go.  (I would later find out she had made him promise that a) he wouldn’t speak to me again and b) would unfollow me.  I bet you, dear Reader, can already see how this is going to go.)

I’m not sure how, but somehow he ended up following me again, and we exchanged a bunch of tweets about our love of animals.  I assumed everything was okay but it turns out it wasn’t; Catty was pissed that he was talking to me again and made sure he knew it by “liking” some of his tweets to me so he would know she had seen them and was unhappy.  I exchanged more DMs with Catty, asking her if she was okay, once again saying I had no interest in him romantically; she replied back that I could have him, she was done with him and they were over.  So when Dick direct messaged me, I asked him about Catty, and he said the same thing.  She’s mad at him, it’s over, and besides he’s going to be friends with whoever he wants.  Against my better judgment, I started DM’g back…

~~~~ ** ~~~~

More to come. . .

*Names have been changed to protect the not innocent.


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