6WS | 2.27.16

But it’s never okay, is it?

~~~~ ** ~~~~

Yes, that’s me indulging in black and white thinking.  There are some good things happening in my life right now and I acknowledge that.

But are things “okay”?  Not really.  And I wonder if they ever will be.

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8 thoughts on “6WS | 2.27.16

    1. I *guess* that can happen, lol.

      Seriously, I know you’re right. One of the characteristics of borderline personality disorder is black and white thinking, so I struggle a lot trying to find balance. *sigh*


    1. You’re so right about that!!! How many times have we said we’re okay when we’re far from it? But I need to learn to accept okay and — I sound like a nut, lol.


  1. Only say “okay” when it feels “okay”… Enough with the politeness and hypocrisy! Of course, I don’t mean this, because I want the world to be a more than okay place and the people to be nice. That being said, I always wonder what would happen when the check-out person in the grocery store asks “How are you doing today?” and I answer “I am so miserable because of this and that!” Probably nothing. She would say “I am so sorry!” while she is not sorry at all. Hmmm… Still, it is probable nicer to be helped with an “How are you?” in the States than with a grumpy non-talking face in Belgium. 🙂


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