In my world, “summer” is a six-letter word that inspires fear.  I hate that the days are longer and the clothing skimpier.  Summer brings out some of my worst body insecurities, because I see so many other women who look the way I wish I did wearing clothing I wish I could but never will.  To be clear: It’s not their fault; it’s mine.  Having dealt with an eating disorder since I was a young girl, I’ve never had a healthy body image.  My entire life has been spent looking in a funhouse mirror and summer magnifies that exponentially.  Add to that the fact that I’m not a sunshine kind of girl and it’s a few months of misery.

This year I’m going to do some things differently though.  I’m going to go swimming and face my bathing suit-reveal fears.  I’m going to spend some time outside, during the day, and try to enjoy myself (with a super high SPF sunscreen of course, because as pale as I am, I’m likely to catch fire after too long in the sun. ;))

And I’m going to remind myself that we need the sun to sustain life.  If I can learn to not only tolerate — but try to help — bees … after years of panic … surely I can do this too.

love & light.

♥—- ♥—- ♥

this post inspired by: The Daily Post
{and also my friend kittycat, who is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met ♥}

12 thoughts on “Summer

  1. All seasons have their pros and cons. The older I get, the more I feel insecure about that belly fat bulging over my jeans and so, no doubt, over my bikini bottoms as well. Living in the tropics on our boat with only my husband around, it didn’t matter much. But, now we are in the US and I have never experienced wearing a bikini here. It probably will rarely get up to bikini temperature, though, which in my world, is in the 90s. Have a nice summer and try to enjoy the sunshine on your face! I love that feeling and am missing it dearly during the winter months… And, if you really hate summer, why not move to colder climes? 🙂

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  2. So brave of you! You go girl! Get out and LIVE! I have found that I don’t have to wear a bikini to feel pretty. After three babies, I hardly have the body for that. But there are so many other flattering suits that expose less and leave you feeling less self-conscious. And when all else fails, I wrap a sarong around my waist and walk around feeling beautiful and elegant. I hope you enjoy your summer 🙂

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