I Will Never Be An Artist …

… but that doesn’t stop me from doodling like mad.

So sometimes I’m going to share my “drawings” because even if they suck, I enjoyed the creation of them.  =)  Here is the first of (what may be) many.


Girl With the Big Eyes
Girl With the Big Eyes


What I Think of *You*

made for you, by me, with love.
made for you, by me, with love.

• • ♥ • •

Six Words Can Say a Lot:  Show My Face 6WS


This collage was made by me after one of my therapy sessions. It’s crude, but I still love it, because I was able to express many emotions I couldn’t (and in some ways still can’t) speak. It’s about my struggle with an eating disorder, and self-harm, and the traumatic aftermath of being sexually abused.

I hope it says something to you, and if it does, please feel free to comment. Even if you don’t, thank you for looking and sharing a vulnerable moment with me.


(the middle section is actually a photomanipulation I did, if you wish to see the original, it’s here: The Perfect Stomach)


The Perfect Stomach

Society’s ideal: a flat stomach and jutting hipbones. My version is grittier, with rotting flesh and deep gashes (the model was also tan before I desaturated her). I, like many others, struggle with my own concept of physical beauty and my own body ideal (I’m a mostly-recovering bulimic). I was having a particularly low self-esteem day and I guess I wanted to take a pretty torso and dirty it up. I did this in May 2005 under my old deviantart account.

[Actually, there’s more to the story, but that’s for another day.]