Deep Dive

Starting this week, I’m going to be going deeper in my posts by sharing some of my issues with my eating disorder.  These posts will most likely be triggering, or a cause of judgment, so what I’m going to do is clearly mark the posts and have the content below the cut and you can choose whether to read it or not.  This is not going to be easy for me, but it’s either do this or start an anonymous blog to discuss what I’m going through, and I really don’t want to have to do that.  So just a heads up.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.  I’ve been barely able to function this week (hence my thoughts about going deeper here).

I hate it when the darkness goes from soothing to scary.
~ love & light

The Player and The Played : Introduction

Recently I found myself unwittingly and unwillingly embroiled in an online “love” triangle.  I’ve been silent, but now I really feel the need to talk about what happened because I got fucked over pretty hard — and not in the good way.  I was basically used and played for a fool and the two who dragged me into their lovers’ spat take no responsibility for the fact I got hurt.  So over the next week or so I’m going to break this up into smaller parts; it’s a long story (then again every story is long when told by me, lol).

*The “players”: Dick and Catty.

I, of course, am “the played.”

~~~~ ** ~~~~

It started in December.  One night I was reading tweets from others who have borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder and I commented on Catty’s timeline.  One of her followers, Dick, replied to my tweet to her asking about the side effects of meds.  I replied and Dick and I exchanged a few tweets.  The next day, I received a direct message from Catty “warning” me about Dick Continue reading “The Player and The Played : Introduction”