“Pretty Much Dead Already” and “The Grove”

Sunday night was the premiere of season five of “The Walking Dead” and in anticipation I binged on season four to catch myself up.  Although TWD is one of my favorite TV shows I had several nights where I missed episodes during S4 due to my own zombie-like behavior.

I have a lot of  favorite moments from TWD but don’t get me wrong; by “favorite” I don’t mean “happy.”  They’re moments that touch me or anger me or make me think about who I would be in that world.   One of those moments was in “Pretty Much Dead Already” (2:7).  Sophia had been missing for a while, and though I knew it was futile, I hoped and hoped and hoped that somehow she would be found alive and well.  When that barn door opened and I saw a bitten Sophia stumble out with the other walkers, my jaw dropped and tears just started streaming down my face.  It was actually hard to breathe.  For me, that had been — and still was — the most haunting moment on TWD.  I didn’t think anything could get to me the way that did.

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