6WS : 1/10/2015

Freedom trumps fear in Paris, France.

Aurelien Meunier / Getty Images
Aurelien Meunier / Getty Images

I stand with you and raise my voice with yours:  We are NOT afraid!!!

Lauren is Charlie
Lauren is Charlie (sorry for the messiness but it’s hard to write with your fingers. :))


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Black Elk : “That They All Might Live …”

BlackElk“It is true that many of the old ways have been lost.  But just as the rains restore the earth after a drought, so the power of the Great Mystery will restore the way and give it new life.  We ask that this happen not just for the Red People, but for all people, that they all might live.  In ignorance and carelessness they have walked on Ina Maka, Our Mother.  They did not understand that they are part of all beings, the Four-legged, the Winged, Grandfather Rock, the Tree People, and our Star Brothers.  Now our Mother and all our Relations are crying out.  They cry for the help of all people.”  –Black Elk