The Cemetery

You know how I’ve said I find beauty in odd places and morbid things?  Well, here’s an example for you.

While they make me sad, because of the pain and loss that permeates the ground, I like cemeteries.  I find them peaceful and actually quite beautiful.  I usually get strange looks when I say that, but since I can’t see you dear Reader, I can pretend you didn’t look at me oddly at all.  =)

Eventually I hope to make it to cemeteries all across the state (we’ll see what happens, since some days I have trouble going out on my patio), but I decided to start close to home.  These were taken September 2014.




mood music:  James Newton Howard | Visions (Unbreakable soundtrack)

WW : Sam in Leaves

even my furkid loves autumn
even my furkid loves autumn

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The Girl Loves Autumn

Thinking about the many colors of autumn, of course I thought of reds and golds and oranges.  But this is my favorite season and I wanted to approach this in a slightly different way by sharing some of the other colors and ideas that come to my mind; my autumn also includes teal, hot pink, purple, turquoise, grey and black.  As the days darken, my mood lightens, and I’m excited to share my take on this.  =)



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Autumn Sunlight

I’m doing double duty with this post, as this is my submission for both Six Word Saturday and the Photo Friday challenge.

Rusty leaves dance with the sunlight.


The Photo Friday challenge was “Season of Sun.”  I know a lot of people would probably think summer, but I’m an autumn girl, so I went to leaves changing colors on a crisp fall day.