6WS : 6/21/14

She tasted like strawberries and destruction.

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credit:  unknown
credit: unknown ~ found via google images

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Moon Dance

I’m doing double duty again; this is my post for both 6WS at Show My Face   | & |   Photo Friday: After Dark

The moon dances with the clouds.


First the moon appears, shyly making her entrance.

She appears.
She appears.

Then she bravely approaches the trees.

She grows bolder.
She grows bolder.

And then, finally, she ascends and finds her partner in the dark clouds; joyfully taking her place in the night sky.

She dances; letting the clouds give chase.

This is my happy place:  basking in the night air while the moon plays hide and seek, shining her light when she sees fit.

Enjoy the night, loves.  ♥

{The photo above is also the one I use for my profile picture.}

Autumn Sunlight

I’m doing double duty with this post, as this is my submission for both Six Word Saturday and the Photo Friday challenge.

Rusty leaves dance with the sunlight.


The Photo Friday challenge was “Season of Sun.”  I know a lot of people would probably think summer, but I’m an autumn girl, so I went to leaves changing colors on a crisp fall day.




When I think of water, one of the first things that pops into my mind is my spot at the lake. It’s peaceful; usually I’m alone here and that gives me a chance to exist in silence. It’s one of the few places I’m able to slow my thoughts down enough to center myself. This is my view as I sit on the shore.


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