The Lone Duck {version: Not So Lonely After All}

like me, even when the Lone Duck thought they were alone ... they weren't. ♥
like me, even when the Lone Duck thought they were alone … they weren’t. ♥  thank you all.  ♥

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New Day

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that things are much better this morning.  I’m determined to keep calm today.  I re-read my post from earlier this morning and yes, I want things to change in 2015 but I am the one who has to make it happen.  I can’t control what anyone else says or does but I can learn to control my reaction to it.  (Or so wise people tell me.  :))

So this afternoon I choose to start over and maintain hope — while at the same time trying to formulate a plan.  And I look at this photo to make me smile.

What's on the agenda today, Bob? -says a duck.
What’s on the agenda today, Bob? -says a duck.


P.S.  I did not self-harm last night.   ♥

Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art


About the “cover”:

This week’s photo challenge took me a bit because I was trying to decide what to do — there were so many directions I could go that I felt stuck.  I finally decided to incorporate things that matter to me immensely: Trees, “my” ducks, water, stars.  I merged two of my photos and then used brushes in PaintShop Pro x7 to add the “glow.”  This is a place I would go in my imagination; a place where Earth and Water meet and share the starlight.

I hope you enjoy my special place as much as I would.  =)


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click below for the originals:

rainducks_lauren ducksinwater_lauren

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Cover Art