6WS Special Edition : Sam ♥♥

My baby boy is now 12.

I walked into my room and found Sam sleeping with my elephant, Dizzy, and had to take this shot.  He turned 12 this month and I am so blessed and grateful to have him.  I adopted him when he was 3 years old from the shelter and, although at the time I had planned on getting a puppy, the minute I saw him on the humane society’s website I had to meet him.  I had to go through two interviews and meet him three times because he was a “special adoptable” due to his severe separation anxiety and panic attacks; his owners would go away for days and leave him on his own.  They ended up abandoning him because they bought a new house and he made a mess during one of their extended absences.  When I adopted him, he was sad and scared, but he still reached out to me and loved me.  At that time, he wouldn’t let me out of his sight.  If I went outside without him, he cried and had an accident.  Today Sam is independent and happy and people are shocked when they find out he’s old, lol.  Because of his energy and his personality, they think he’s a puppy.  The best thing people say to me is, “He’s such a happy dog!”  (Well, that and when they talk about how cute he is, because I know I’m totally biased, but I think he’s off-the-charts adorable, lol.)

Sam is a light in my life and brings me joy every. single. day.

Thank you, Sam, for being my furry child.  Thank you for being you.

— ♥ — ♥ —

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6WS | 2.27.16

But it’s never okay, is it?

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Yes, that’s me indulging in black and white thinking.  There are some good things happening in my life right now and I acknowledge that.

But are things “okay”?  Not really.  And I wonder if they ever will be.

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“Pretty Much Dead Already” and “The Grove”

Sunday night was the premiere of season five of “The Walking Dead” and in anticipation I binged on season four to catch myself up.  Although TWD is one of my favorite TV shows I had several nights where I missed episodes during S4 due to my own zombie-like behavior.

I have a lot of  favorite moments from TWD but don’t get me wrong; by “favorite” I don’t mean “happy.”  They’re moments that touch me or anger me or make me think about who I would be in that world.   One of those moments was in “Pretty Much Dead Already” (2:7).  Sophia had been missing for a while, and though I knew it was futile, I hoped and hoped and hoped that somehow she would be found alive and well.  When that barn door opened and I saw a bitten Sophia stumble out with the other walkers, my jaw dropped and tears just started streaming down my face.  It was actually hard to breathe.  For me, that had been — and still was — the most haunting moment on TWD.  I didn’t think anything could get to me the way that did.

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