Sam in the Grass

I’ve been going through some very dark times lately.  So dark that there have been moments I’ve genuinely frightened myself.  I thought I knew this, but I’ve re-learned it the painful way: My own mind is my worst enemy.  Or, at least, what I do with it is.

So to cheer myself up, today I post a couple photos of Sam relaxing in the grass just in front of my (hopefully!) soon-to-be garden.

Much love… xx



a reminder of my furkids that have passed on
a reminder of my furkids that have passed on

Drops of Green

These are the leaves on a daylily.  I took this after a day of rain, because I liked the way the raindrops were translucent against the green.




The Bitching Duck

I’m feeling really sick today; fever, nausea, the whole nine yards.  So to cheer myself up– and hopefully you as well — here’s a photo taken from my would-be garden last week.  I only planted the wildflower seeds a few weeks ago; I’m still waiting for them to grow, but it’s exciting to see all that green in what was once a barren space.

The pinwheel is blurry because it was blowing in the wind, and also because I was laughing at the duck parked in my greenery.  As you can tell, it was bitching at me.  So being the adult that I am, I started bitching back.  It was a fun moment, until I realized one of my neighbors was staring at me as if I’d lost my mind.  And then it was even funnier and I ended up falling out of my chair.  (I never said I was graceful, lol.  ;))


More Hope

It’s been two weeks since I took a packet of wildflower seeds and tossed them throughout the flowerbed, and this is what my would-be-mini-meadow looks like as of last night. I have no idea how (or if) it’s going to turn out, but once again I’m using that four letter word (hope). Digging in the garden, putting my hands in the soil and feeling the dirt squish between my fingers, has been really therapeutic. I can’t wait to see what this will look like in another couple weeks, or a month, or at the end of the summer . . . it feels good to be creating and nurturing instead of self-destructing.