80’s Girl

She still says awesome,
loves John Hughes movies; E.T.
She’s an 80’s girl.


Why yes, I do still use the phrase “mix tape.”  Bite me.  =)

What do you  love about the 80’s?
(even if you weren’t alive then.  Gods, I’m old.  :D))

wings (CDTG)

This is my answer to the 12 hour Halloween prompt at  Carpe Diem Haiku Time Glass.

Not that I’m a morbid person or anything.  ; )


• • • •

he sliced off her wings
left her rotting in the dark
bloody and alone.

photo credit: unknown
photo credit: unknown

Canyon (CDH)

I remember dark
skies and bright stars above the
ancient red canyons.

Grand Canyon stars from Nankoweap
Grand Canyon Stars from Nankoweap, © Royce Bair, http://www.NightScapePhotos.com, used with permission

• • • •

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