Happy Birthday, Sam 🎂

Today is Sam’s 11th birthday.  I adopted him when he was three and it’s been an amazing eight years.  I’m so grateful for Sam; he brings me immeasurable love and joy.  Happy birthday, my eldest furkid!!!

💗  💙  🐾 💜 💗


80’s Girl

She still says awesome,
loves John Hughes movies; E.T.
She’s an 80’s girl.


Why yes, I do still use the phrase “mix tape.”  Bite me.  =)

What do you  love about the 80’s?
(even if you weren’t alive then.  Gods, I’m old.  :D))

I Will Never Be An Artist …

… but that doesn’t stop me from doodling like mad.

So sometimes I’m going to share my “drawings” because even if they suck, I enjoyed the creation of them.  =)  Here is the first of (what may be) many.


Girl With the Big Eyes
Girl With the Big Eyes