Water Squiggles in the Sky

It was raining really hard earlier this week when I was running errands, and as usual, I got stopped at a red light.  (God I hate using the brakes, lol.)  When I saw what the rain was doing to the power lines through the windshield, I decided to snap a couple photos using my cell and this was the best one.  My favorite thing is not only the distortion — which looks to me like waves crashing through the sky — but the way the power lines seem as if they’re bent/broken.

I would start tagging all of these “red light photos,” but I’m afraid what kind of searches that would invite…  😉
(Remember Roxanne — you don’t have to put on the red light!  I still love you, Sting. ♥)



My Take On Thanksgiving Dinner

First of all, I hope those of you who celebrate it had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Instead of cooking, Mom and I went to Cracker Barrel and I snapped a few photos of things that interested me during our dinner.  Things other than food, although wait — there are beverages.  Does that count?

These were all taken with my cell phone.


Mom has had this flannel shirt for three years and it’s become her Thanksgiving shirt.  When I see it, I immediately feel the warmth of our family and remember past Thanksgivings.

If Mom is wearing this shirt, it's Thanksgiving
If Mom is wearing this shirt, it’s Thanksgiving

Whenever we go to Cracker Barrel, I’m fascinated by the high ceilings and the vintage items that adorn the walls.  Every time I  look around like I’ve never been there before, and Mom says, “Why are you looking around like that?  You’ve seen it all before.”  Doesn’t matter.  I still find something new in the old.

Old is new to me.
Old is new to me.

I love hot chocolate.  Nothing else to say about that.  😀

yum yum yum.
yum yum yum.

Our two mugs symbolize being together for the holidays.  Mom’s poison is coffee (lots of coffee) and you already know what mine is, lol.   As you can see, I’m the lucky one here because my mug is fairly full and Mom’s is not.  😉

coffee and hot chocolate = family dinner
coffee and hot chocolate = family dinner

One thing I did right:  I had plain water in addition to the hc.

straight H2O.  Good girl, Lauren.
straight H2O. Good girl, Lauren.

Mom decided she wanted to try her hand at cell phone photography, and here is her best shot.  (LOL!!)  I find it kind of artistic and I actually like it.  I’m going to have it printed when I get my other photos developed.  But what is it?  Damned if I know.  😀

what is this?  your guess is as good as mine  ;D
your guess is as good as mine ;D


Finally, a brief video of my favorite place at the restaurant: the fireplace.  I could sit there and stare into the fire for ages.  The only downside was the noise drowned out the crackling of the fire.  But we can ignore that, so please, come sit with me and gaze into the fire for a few seconds.


I hope you enjoyed my version of the holiday! ~xx

Weekly Photo Challenge : Minimalist


In this moment, life was very simple: I wanted hot chocolate.

The End.  ||  Minimalist