Today was a total loss. I spent most of the day sleeping and bingeing. The only victory I can claim is that I did not purge, which is actually something to be proud of. I guess. I feel so lethargic, even doing this post feels like a lot. I’m wasted on carbs. This used to be comforting but it isn’t working anymore. I’m still feeling too much.

Back to bed to sleep off the rest of this day and start fresh when I next wake up. I can do better. I can be better. I can.

6WS : 11/22/14

Her tongue was twisted in fear.


No longer will fear guide me.

I am freeing myself of doubt.

I am on the path to knowledge.

I’ll follow the Owl to freedom.


♥ • • • • ♥

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Skywatch Friday : Blue Glow

I took this one summer night when I was stuck at a red light.  Although my first love is night, dusk is a very close second; the colors often remind me of a painting.

Sunny mornings don’t even make the list.  =)

August 2014

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6WS : Something I Said You Wouldn’t See

In my post Who? What? Why? I said I don’t appear in photos, and this is usually true. But my Mom decided this occasion was “too cute” and snapped the shot while we three were in dreamland.  I’m the human with the hair reaching for the ceiling, lol.  Side note:  The handwriting on the “Polaroid” belongs to moi.  I wrote my words on a white piece of paper with my favorite pink Sharpie (I’m obsessed with Sharpies) then scanned it in so I could make this more personal.  I know you’ve been dying to see my handwriting.  You’re welcome.  *eye roll*

I debated whether to share this photo, but my love for this moment overwhelmed my usual reticence.  It’s so comforting when I sleep and I’m protected on both sides by my furkids.  They make me feel safe. And loved.

Have a great Saturday everyone!  🐱


Six Words Can Say a Lot:  Show My Face 6WS

The Cemetery

You know how I’ve said I find beauty in odd places and morbid things?  Well, here’s an example for you.

While they make me sad, because of the pain and loss that permeates the ground, I like cemeteries.  I find them peaceful and actually quite beautiful.  I usually get strange looks when I say that, but since I can’t see you dear Reader, I can pretend you didn’t look at me oddly at all.  =)

Eventually I hope to make it to cemeteries all across the state (we’ll see what happens, since some days I have trouble going out on my patio), but I decided to start close to home.  These were taken September 2014.




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