Weekly Photo Challenge : Minimalist


In this moment, life was very simple: I wanted hot chocolate.

The End.  ||  Minimalist

Skywatch Friday : Swirling Sky

Ohio, USA

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art


About the “cover”:

This week’s photo challenge took me a bit because I was trying to decide what to do — there were so many directions I could go that I felt stuck.  I finally decided to incorporate things that matter to me immensely: Trees, “my” ducks, water, stars.  I merged two of my photos and then used brushes in PaintShop Pro x7 to add the “glow.”  This is a place I would go in my imagination; a place where Earth and Water meet and share the starlight.

I hope you enjoy my special place as much as I would.  =)


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click below for the originals:

rainducks_lauren ducksinwater_lauren

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Cover Art

The Girl Loves Autumn

Thinking about the many colors of autumn, of course I thought of reds and golds and oranges.  But this is my favorite season and I wanted to approach this in a slightly different way by sharing some of the other colors and ideas that come to my mind; my autumn also includes teal, hot pink, purple, turquoise, grey and black.  As the days darken, my mood lightens, and I’m excited to share my take on this.  =)



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