Skywatch Friday : Forever X (-Files)


When I saw the moon lighting up these chemtrails Wednesday night, it immediately reminded me of “The X-Files” symbol and I had to shoot it. Mulder is still one of my all-time crushes (aliens and porn, oh my!! :*) and I can’t wait until Fox runs the six-ep limited series. I think I might cry.

Anyway, comments and thoughts (on my photograph or anything else, lol) are always welcome.  (I’d suggest enlarging it to get the full detail. =))


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Skywatch Friday : Crisscrossed Sky

I’m heartbroken.  I posted this last week and I somehow deleted the original tonight when I was trying to organize (that’s what I get).   I know that art is supposed to be for art’s own sake, but I’m insecure, so I’m asking if anyone who had liked this post before would please like it again.  It would mean a lot to me!  I thank you either way.  🙂

the Virgo that sucks at organization


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Skywatch Friday : Blue Glow

I took this one summer night when I was stuck at a red light.  Although my first love is night, dusk is a very close second; the colors often remind me of a painting.

Sunny mornings don’t even make the list.  =)

August 2014

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